NVC Electronic Filing and Marriage Visa Interviews at U.S. Consulate China

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As of March 16th, 2013, the U.S. Consulate in China implemented changes to Marriage Visa interviews. This is a new system for visa appointments, document delivery, and fee collecting after completion of National Visa Center (NVC) electronic filing. The changes apply to both new and current applicants.

David, a member at China Marriage 101 Community, explains the new process after his wife Juan was issued a CR-1 Marriage Visa on April 23rd, 2013.

National Visa Center (NVC) Electronic Filing

While Juan was at the marriage visa interview, several women were denied because of paperwork. Your wife must have original signed documents for every document you scan and sent during NVC electronic filing. In addition, the DS-260 conformation page, I-864 Affidavit of Support with employment verification, and 1040’s and W2’s with tax returns.

If you scanned it and sent it to NVC electronic, she must have an original for the marriage visa interview. The US Consulate will not accept copies. This is how the consulate verifies documents you scanned and sent to NVC. At document intake your paperwork must be correct or no visa. NVC electronic filing starts after your original I-130 petition is approved by U.S. Citizens and Immigration Service (USCIS) and forwarded to the National Visa Center.

The Marriage Visa Interview Appointment

Wanted to explain the marriage visa interview appointment because the new process went into effect while we were waiting. The first appointment letter I received was from the National Visa Center. The letter was what I expected. Appointment scheduled for April 23rd at 12:30pm. Two days later I received a notice of appointment change from US Consulate Guangzhou. They changed my wife’s appointment to 0700, 23rd of April. Then they instructed me to go to US Travel Docs and register a document pickup location.

I went to the site and after some confusion was able to figure out how to navigate it. I registered my wife’s profile, and selected a document pickup location. The site will then direct you to click on PDF and you will see a bar coded receipt with your document pickup information in Chinese. Your document pickup location will be the branch location for China Citic Bank. You must print this receipt and send it to your wife. She must present this receipt to the Consular Officer at her interview. I recommend printing two copies. One to present to consulate and one to keep to present at the time of document pickup. There is no fee for this service. Documents are delivered by courier to the selected China Citic Bank location. This will take 10 to 14 days for documents and passport to be ready for pickup.

The Interview

The marriage visa interview process was very smooth for Juan. She arrived at the consulate at 6:45am. They opened the doors at 6:50. Security checked her appointment letter. This is the only way you get into the U.S. Consulate. Document intake was a breeze as she had all her original documents we had submitted during NVC electronic filing. She sat in the waiting room until called for fingerprints. This was all complete by 9am. They called her for interview at 9:45 and the interview was complete by 10am. She then sat in the waiting room until called and they returned all of her original documents and asked for her passport. They went over the document delivery process and she was done by 10:30. Total time at consulate 6:45 to 10:30am The visa interview process is now conducted in one day. Best wishes to all.


Randy and Xiaoying Marsh

Randy provides support to petitioners and file management for Buda Law Group. Xiaoying provides Chinese language support through the complete process of obtaining a K1 or CR1 visa.

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