China Marriage 101 To Team with Buda Law Group

As you know, our visa workshops offer an alternative to those who want to file their own petitions. Some however, don’t have the time to study and just feel more comfortable hiring legal help. However, over the years I have received emails from readers describing stories from hell when it comes to the quality of legal services and the cost.

Immigration attorney John Buda found China Marriage 101 through one of the members we helped go to China for marriage. He read all of our pages and comments at both websites and got the feeling that attorneys were getting a bad rap. He told me “I don’t charge anywhere that kind of money and I’m good.” He explained to me that he had never lost a case.

Service for Reviewing Petitions

We are now trying to work out details on different levels of service. For those who want to fill out their own paperwork, collect supporting documents and file their own petition, it would be nice to have your work checked by an attorney both before filing and in the visa application process with the U.S. consulate in Guangzhou. This would be one level of service Mr. Buda could provide.

Full Legal Service

For those who want to hire an immigration attorney to handle the case, Mr Buda and I have been working on the details. This service would bring together Buda Law Service and what Xiaoying and I do best. I would be working closely with the U.S. petitioner and Xiaoying with the Chinese spouse/fiance on supporting documents from both China and the U.S. We would be helping by phone and Internet on a daily bases. John would be preparing the paperwork and submitting to the proper agencies. Xiaoying will play a heavy roll in interview prep and communications with Chinese loved ones for coordination of documents and a good dose of stress relief.

The Cost

We are working on it.  One thing that is clear….everyone deserves good legal service at an affordable price. They should know the bottom line on cost and should also have the ability to pay with monthly terms or some type of payment plan. Mr. Buda has agreed to this and I’m sure when China Marriage 101 teams up with Buda Law Group we will have a great additional service at an affordable price. I will keep you posted.

Resent Visas Issued

Congratulations to all of our community friends that had your spouse or fiancee pass the U.S. Consulate interview recently. A big Yahoo goes out to…. Kent & Feng, Larmar & Ye, Pat & Jingyi,  Paul & Lili, Carl & Bin, Rick & Ying.

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Everyone take care and try to keep cool in this July heat.

Randy & Xiaoying

Randy and Xiaoying Marsh

Randy provides support to petitioners and file management for Buda Law Group. Xiaoying provides Chinese language support through the complete process of obtaining a K1 or CR1 visa.

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