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Dennis and Lili Carman share their experience with others.

Hello, My name is Dennis Carman and I joined China Marriage 101 early on. I would like to comment to those that are wondering whether they should join CM 101 community. This is not one of the many websites looking for as many members as they can get. It’s a site looking for sincere members trying to learn and discover how to navigate the immigration process once they decide to bring a loved one to the United States.

On this site you will benefit from China Marriage 101’s experience plus the experience of past successful members, myself included. This website is a local community of sorts. It brings together people with a common interest. It’s small and it’s personal. I have spoken with Randy numerous times and he does take the time. Also his wife Xiaoying, met my wife in China during one of Xiaoying’s visits back home while Lili was waiting for her interview date. With this site I have recommended people to it. One has joined that I met in China and we have become friends. He made the trip from Michigan to visit us here in Vermont while on his way to celebrate Thanksgiving.

At this point there are enough people with personal experience that can help you take away some of the mysteries and myths about immigrating to the United States. At the same time, it would be hopeful that you can add your own experience. I strongly suggest joining. Thanks Randy and Xiaoying.

Dennis and Lili Carman

P.S. Lili and Xiaoying still write back and forth quite a bit.

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China Marriage 101 Community

Randy & Xiaoying

Randy & Xiaoying provide U.S./Chinese couples support at Buda Law Group. They assist couples with information and document collection both English and Chinese.

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