​A Bundle of Free Support

​The Cheat Sheet For K1 and CR1 Visas

Collect answers from Chinese applicants for:

  • USCIS Forms
  • Department of State Visa Applications
  • Supporting Documents and Evidence

​Consular officers review 8-page online visa applications to assist with questions at the interview and do background checks. Ask your Chinese spouse or fiancee the same questions. Do it before it's time for her to complete a visa application.

 Written ​​In English and Chinese

Cheat Sheet For K1 and CR1 Visas
China Certified Documents for Marriage and Fiance Visas


​Help your visa applicant with supporting documents

China Certified Documents and Supporting Information gives a comprehensive overview of Chinese legal documents, and supporting information.

You'll learn where and how to obtain documents in China. How to check documents to see if there valid for USCIS.  

​Includes, the next steps your spouse or fiancee must take after you submit the petition.

Child Custody


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