How To Accelerate the Visa Timeline – Foreign Documents For USCIS Forms and Applications

Accelerate Chinese Marriage and Fiance Visas

U.S. petitioners can save time completing Marriage Visa and Fiance Visa requirements. Obtaining Chinese foreign documents, translations, and supporting information for USCIS forms and applications is key to knocking months off the Visa Timeline. Piecing together information during the process of U.S. immigrations can eat-up months and a couples peace of mind. With problems that […]

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Chinese Fiancee and Children Visa Application Fees

I often get this question: “On Chinese fiance K visa applications, does the non-immigrant visa application fee include a child or is it an extra fee?” Prior to the visa interview at the U.S. Consulate in China, the consulate will send the Chinese fiance notification to prepare. Part of that notice will include paying the visa […]

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China Marriage 101 Community

Dennis and Lili Carman share their experience with others. Hello, My name is Dennis Carman and I joined China Marriage 101 Community early on. I would like to comment to those that are wondering whether they should join CM 101 community. This is not one of the many websites looking for as many members as […]

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