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Immigration Attorney John Buda

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​As President of Buda Law Group, let me congratulate you on your engagement or marriage. ​My firm specializes in the field of China Marriage and Fiance Visas. 

​Having a wife from China, as well as a majority of my staff being Chinese, I feel a personal connection to each couple we have helped. ​We personally work with you and your Chinese spouse or fiancee one-on-one throughout the entire process. Our law firm provides unlimited Chinese language support.

Why U.S./Chinese couple hire us

So much depends on coaching your Chinese love one. They need help obtaining certified documents, police certificates, answering questions for forms and visa applications, registering for delivery of documents to the consulate, medical exam, and final preparation for the visa interview.

China Marriage and Fiance Visa Applicants Need Support

Some visa services tell the U.S. petitioner what they need from the Chinese spouse or fiance. It's left up to you to get vital information for forms and applications. Also, how to get legal documents in China. This can cause delays.

Others have come to us after hiring a different visa service. Their website said they have Chinese language support. It was not the case. No one contacted their loved one in China.

Why hire someone who can't speak Chinese​?

The answer given by most is they just didn't know how involved the process was going to be for their spouse or fiancee in China. 

The U.S Consulate in China has its own procedures. Historically, Chinese citizens face tougher scrutiny at visa interviews. This is due to the number of visa applications. Unfortunately, with higher numbers comes more cases of people seeking a visa based not out of love, but solely on the convenience of getting a green card.

​​The U.S. consulate in China is well aware of these fraudulent attempts. They take painstaking efforts to uncover them. Unlike other consulates, something as simple as an omission on a visa application or giving a wrong answer can cause unwanted attention.

​You want an immigration attorney experienced in presenting cases for family immigration in China. You also want people in place that can prepare your loved one for the visa interview.

Peace of Mind

China marriage and fiance visa applicants need help in their own language. For this reason, we've designed our services to meet the need. Our clients trust in us to provide stress-free processing and peace of mind.


This law firm has the expertise to ensure our clients a successful outcome. We offer our China Marriage and Fiance Visa services at a fixed rate with three installment payments. See our payment plan.

​Services Designed for U.S. / Chinese Couples

Friendly Chinese Language Support - Start to Finish

  • Immediate contact with your fiance or spouse in China.
  • Introduction to visa process and information needed.
  • Invitation to WeChat for free voice and text messaging anytime.
  • Authority on Chinese government offices and notary documents.

Fast Document and Information Collection

​State of the art online file system allows...

  • ​Answers to English and Chinese questionnaires submitted instantly.
  • ​Chinese answers for forms and applications professionally translated.
  • ​Instructions from us provide in English and Chinese.

​Superior Interview Preparation

  • ​Review with spouse/fiance the materials they will take.
  • Assist them with scheduling their medical exam.
  • Register for delivery of confirmation letter and passports to the consulate. This must be done before the interview.
  • ​Schedule interview appointment.

​Chinese Language Support

​​Xiaoying Marsh is an expert at supporting Chinese applicants. She's available anytime, including our late nights (daytime in China) and on weekends. She uses WeChat, phone, and email.

​Xiaoying has many years of support experience and is excellent at providing encouragement to those who may worry. She understands the Chinese spouse/fiancee concerns and can answer their questions on all topics including preparing for the interview. 

Xiaoying Marsh

Xiaoying Marsh

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Fast Processing

​Peace of Mind

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