China Fiance and Marriage Visa Support

China Fiance and Marriage Visa Support - Randy & Xiaoying

Randy & Xiaoying

After navigating U.S. immigration ourselves back in 2005, Xiaoying and I set out on a mission to help other couples. We created China Marriage 101 to provide answers to questions and to share our resources. Get our latest Free resources here.

With many couples reporting their success, they began sending us photos and expressed interest in meeting in person. As word spread, in 2011 we were invited to join Buda Law Group to support couples through the marriage and fiance visa process.  

Faster Marriage and Fiance Visa Services

The amount of time it takes to be together in the United States is important to couples. We know because Xiaoying and I where once in your shoes.

Together with attorney John Buda, we've developed an online file management system for collecting information and preparing cases faster.

How we connect speed to personal service

    • ​Phone consultation and assessment with Attorney Buda.
    • Written instructions for what we need provided in English and Chinese.
    • English/Chinese language support from start to finish.
    • Immediate contact with your fiancee/spouse in China.
    • WeChat, or QQ International for voice and text messaging anytime.
    • Questionnaires can be answered in English and Chinese, and submitted instantly online.
    • Couples can send documents via email attachments direct to file.
    • Instant file notifications lets us know when items are added to your file for fast review..
    • Updated checklist sent to clients shows file progress.
    • Online file management system allows collaboration between attorney and paralegals for case reviews and fast preparation.
Rodney Case & Zhe

A huge benefit of using Buda Law Group is that they give you (in English) and your fiancee (in Chinese) a very clear checklist for every step of the process. I don't know who among their staff developed their process but I know their mothers are proud because it is a well oiled machine.

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