Celebrating 10 Years of K1 and CR1 Visa Support

Randy & Xiaoying

​Xiaoying and I welcome you to our blog.

This website is about how to bring your Chinese spouse or fiance to the United States.

When we filed our petition in 2005 (without an attorney), I wished for someone who could guide me and answer my questions. Since going online in 2008, we've given others a way to do just that.

And since 2008, our weekly visa tips newsletter sent to our reader's encourages them to reply or ask questions.

In return, their experience has given us insight to where they need the most help. And an eye-opener into problems with visa services that provided much less than bargained for.

​Local Chinese government offices and U.S. consulate processing are unique to China. Since many of the steps to obtain a K1 or CR1 visa need to be completed by the visa applicant, petitioners or those they hire need to help their Chinese loved ones.

Nothing is as rewarding as helping our readers. We get lots of love from subscribers:

​" I hope you and your family are well. We are doing well, and our daughter is three now. Thank you for all the help. It was greatly appreciated. You and Xiaoying are awesome. " Michael B.

" You and Xiaoying have done a great service for many.  You will always be in our hearts, and we will never forget all you did." John G.

" I would like to thank you again for helping us come together in America. You two are wonderful souls and friends." Wade C.
" Thanks for the help. Hope to meet you guys someday. " Don D.

" Again, thanks so much for all you both have done for us, and God bless you both!" Paul P.

" Your website was indispensable in helping me understand all the never-ending list of requirements from both China and the U.S. We now have four kids. Ages 5, 4, almost 2, and five months. You helped to make this possible, and I will always be thankful. Thank you, and God bless."  Christopher M.

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In 2010 we created the first private social network for U.S. petitioners. China Marriage 101 Community host our free K1 and CR1 visa workshops. The access code is sent to all new subscribers. Members can upload photos, videos, and get help from fellow petitioners.


China Fiance and Marriage Visa Services

In 2011, one of our China Marriage 101 Community members worked with the Chinese wife of an immigration attorney.

Attorney John Buda and his wife wanted to join our community to get to know other couples in their area. And as for the visa workshops, he said, "you didn't miss a thing."

Our experience came from helping others. A lot of others! Attorney Buda later asks us to join him in providing English and Chinese language support to his US/Chinese clients. As many have now shared their reviews, history is still writing the book.