12 Facts To Include in Letters of Intent to Marry for I-129F Fiance Petitions

Letter of Intent to Marry

Letters of intent to marry are submitted as evidence with the I-129F fiance petition.

These personal letters establish the circumstance of how you met and that you met in person within 2-years of filing the I-129F petition.


12 Facts to Include With Your Letter of Intent to Marry

  1. Your name and your fiance's name.
  2. The date you were born.
  3. City and country of birth.
  4. Your country of citizenship.
  5. How you correspond. How many months, years.
  6. Where you first met, date and location. And if you met again, date and location.
  7. The things you did together.
  8. Why you love each other.
  9. Your intention to marry within 90 days of entering the United States.
  10. Where you intend to live.
  11. Plans you have together as a married couple.
  12. And, a please approve my fiance visa so we can live together as husband and wife.

Be sure to sign your letter. Try keeping your letters of intent to marry brief and to the point. Immigration officials don't have the time to read a romance novel.

USCIS looks for the evidence to classify the beneficiary for a K-1 fiance visa and to approve the petition. This allows USCIS to send the petition to the U.S. Consulate/Embassy overseas.

​As a guide for writing, Buda Law Group provides couples templates in English and Chinese. We carefully review the content of both letters and identify any potential problems that would be an issue with USCIS.

​To prevent a request for evidence from USCIS, issues or additional evidence get addressed by attorney John Buda before submitting the I-129F petition.

​Sincerely wishing you the best and congratulations on your engagement.

Randy and Xiaoying Marsh

Randy provides support to petitioners and file management for Buda Law Group. Xiaoying provides Chinese language support through the complete process of obtaining a K1 or CR1 visa.

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