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China Marriage and Fiance(e) Petitioners

Not only do we get the information and documents you need...this Support Package exposes any hidden problems

​Marriage and Fiance petitions filed with USCIS include just basic information about the Chinese beneficiary.

It's the questions on Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Marriage or Fiance(e) visa applications that give consular officers the Chinese spouse/fiancee's details and history.

DHS online visa applications are only accessible with an approved USCIS petition, months after filing. By then, if additional explanations or evidence is needed, it becomes an issue at the visa interview.

After petition approval, all Marriage or Fiance(e) visa applicants, must complete an online visa application. Answers must be provided in English. Visa applications are not short on questions. The example the Bureau of Consular Affairs provides is 14 pages long. They have been carefully written to learn "everything" about visa applicant.

​The visa application needs to be complete and accurate. This is the information the consulate will use to contact the applicant and conduct questions at the interview. 

​Not knowing the answers for visa applications early on is a missed opportunity. It's your chance to prepare or provide additional information or evidence when filing the petition. Or for your spouse/fiance(e) to do so before the visa interview. It's much nicer to leave the U.S. consulate with the visa then it is a letter requesting additional evidence.

We Offer U.S./Chinese Couples An Inexpensive Solution

Our Chinese female representative (Xiaoying) will contact your spouse/fiance(e) personally. She guides them through questions and helps them obtain supporting documents with certified English translations. We start with questions and continue with follow-up until file completion. Your spouse or fiance(e) can also contact Xiaoying free anytime using WeChat or QQ International.

We deliver a complete file to the petitioner. All information is professionally translated to English so you can use with (USCIS) forms and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) marriage and fiance visa applications.

Certified documents, answers for forms and applications, and Chinese language support. All for $149. Or take the 2 payment option of $79 and pay the second payment on completion. There's no contract and no retainer to sign.

Information We Deliver

The Information we deliver includes the Chinese beneficiaries answers in English and Chinese. Regardless if filing a marriage or fiance(e) petition, our questionnaire along with personal follow-up provides complete answers to the following forms and applications: 

  • I-130 and I-130A Marriage Petition
  • I-129F Fiance(e) Petition
  • DS-260 Marriage Visa Application
  • DS-160 Fiance(e) Visa Application

Documents We Deliver

We assist your visa applicant in obtaining all civil documents with certified English translations from the proper Chinese authority. Also, Clear Criminal Law Police Report, Passport, and digital passport photo. These supporting documents are included in your file. If we discover the need for additional evidence we contact the petitioner and can go the extra mile to get it.

You Save Money By Trying Our Service

To demonstrate our services, we offer this support package at a minimal price. We want to prove the value of our work and win your trust.

If you later decide to hire Buda Law Group, we'll give you credit for the total cost of your support package. After all, it's work completed!

Otherwise, use your support package to file the petition yourself. It's your file.

You'll have confidence knowing you're getting complete and accurate information. And, a complete overview that will expose any issues before presenting your petition.

Xiaoying Marsh

 Chinese Support 

 Xiaoying Marsh 

Hi, I'm Xiaoying

As co-founder of China Marriage 101, and Chinese language support at Buda Law Group, I thank you for visiting our website.

There's nothing more rewarding then answering questions and supporting the Chinese wife or fiancee. I help them understand the complete process of obtaining a marriage or fiance visa. My relationship with applicants helps them get the supporting documents they need, answer questions for forms and applications, and helps take away the fear of the visa interview.

Three Steps To Get Started

Give your spouse or fiance the advantage of Chinese Language Support


After payment, you'll be redirect to a form asking for your name, email and your Chinese spouse/fiance's name, email, and phone number. Submit your information online.


After submitting your details, you'll receive a personal email from Randy. He'll ask you for a best time for Xiaoying to call your spouse/fiancee in China. We want to call when she's not busy. As the petitioner, you can contact us anytime.


Xiaoying will call China to introduce herself and share her WeChat or QQ ID. This allows your spouse/fiancee to use voice or text messaging free anytime. 

No waiting. We can call China when your ready. Even Tonight!

You may pay with any major credit card or PayPal.

China Marriage 101 Support Package

$149 or the 2 payment option of $79

Payment Options

Have questions? Contact us: support@chinamarriage101.com

 Jeff & Liya 


Xiaoying was invaluable in assisting my wife with all of her questions and concerns. Having a Mandarin speaking woman, who having gone through the same process herself and seeing it from the other side, was truly invaluable. She was available to Liya consistently throughout the process.

Andy & Enxiang get China Marriage Visa

 Andy & Enxiang


Even though I understood all that I needed to do on my end, how could I make sure with what is lost in translation, that my wife understood it also? Numerous times Xiaoying contacted my wife and made sure that she understood. Through these conversations she gave my wife emotional support, and indirectly, emotional support for myself also. Thank You China Marriage 101.

Rodney & Zhe get China Fiance Visa

 Rodney & Zhe


Xiaoying skillfully and carefully walked my fiancee through the process in her native language. She did this through email and video chat via QQ. Xiaoying is great! The language barrier would have prevented me from being able to fully explain what to expect, which documents to gather, and which information to be sure to know during the interview. The peace of mind and confidence Xiaoying gave to my fiancee is priceless.

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