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​Obtaining a China Marriage or Fiance Visa requires specific tasks to be completed by the U.S. petitioner, but these days more so by the Chinese beneficiary. The beneficiary's involvement doesn't end by filing a petition. The fact is it's just starting.

Waiting on government processing is unavoidable. However, time gets more lengthy when the Chinese beneficiary needs help with requirements for USCIS, the National Visa Center (NVC), and the U.S. Consulate in China.

At Buda Law Group, we connect with the Chinese beneficiary through WeChat and work with them from start to finish. As the U.S. petitioner, unlike other services, we never ask you to explain anything to your loved one in China or how to complete the steps required to receive a marriage or fiance visa.

China Marriage and Fiance Visa Service

China Marriage and Fiance Visa Services

With a Language Barrier Typical Law Firms and Visa Services Fall Short

The problems start when well-intentioned visa services or law firms ask the U.S. petitioner to provide information and supporting documents from China. The burden falls on the U.S. petitioner to explain to his loved one what they need for the Marriage or Fiance petition.

​In most cases, the Chinese spouse or fiance will not understand the type of documents needed or where to get them. The Chinese use household registration books for proof of marriage, divorce, birth, child custody, and death. These booklets can not be used.

Then there are the many questions a Chinese spouse or fiance must answer for I-130 or I-129F forms and the Department of State visa application.  

In the later part of the process, it may be hard to explain:

  • How to pay the visa application fee with the consulate.
  • How to register for the document pick-up location at a CITIC bank branch. 
  • How to send the visa application confirmation and requested materials to the consulate.
  • How to answer the second consulate notice and register for an interview.
  • Where to send health forms and get a medical exam.
  • ​How to prepare and organize documents and evidence for the CR1 or K1 visa interview.

​​Buda Law Group​ is a complete service. With Chinese language support, we're able to work with the visa applicant every step of the way. ​We assists with all the tasks mentioned above, including consulate registrations, scheduling, and preparing visa applicants for their interview.

We do things other visa services can't.

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Help with consulate processing

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Getting Started with Attorney John Buda

John Buda Immigration Attorney

​First, to get started on your marriage or fiance visa case, attorney John Buda will speak to you. Since each case is different, he will ask questions as he builds the best plan for bringing your loved one to the United States. While working with the various government agencies, Attorney Buda will contact you when needed and is available anytime to answer your questions. To help with the collection of documents, evidence, and information, both in the U.S. and China, attorney Buda assigns his couples support team that will correspond with the petitioner in the United States and visa applicant in China. This save much time getting your petition filed with USCIS.

​Document Collection and Support

China Fiance and Marriage Visa Support

Randy Marsh

​Buda Law Group's support team Randy and Xiaoying Marsh are the creators of the information site China Marriage 101. They've supporting couples with CR1 marriage and K1 fiance visas for over 12 years. Randy acts as an open line of communications between the petitioner, attorney Buda, and all of the Buda Law Group team members. He will start by sending an online questionnaire and then collect everything necessary for your petition. Randy manages couples files and reports progress to attorney Buda daily. You'll hear from Randy a lot during processing, and he's available to U.S. petitioners 24/7.

Xiaoying Marsh

Xiaoying Marsh

Xiaoying Marsh provides Chinese language support and collects everything necessary from your loved one in China. She connects with them via WeChat and email. Xiaoying puts visa applicants at ease by being a companion and someone they can contact anytime. Her unlimited support on WeChat is unheard of in the industry and sets Buda Law Group apart from other services.

Xiaoying has a friendly nature and a real passion for helping others. She enjoys friendships with Chinese loved ones who are in the process of immigrating to the United States. Over the years, she has stayed in contact with many even after the visa process concluded. Xiaoying plays a significant roll in not only collecting information from China but also registration and preparation for the CR1 or K1 visa interview at the U.S. consulate.

​Clients tell why they hired Buda Law Group

Rodney & Zhe get China Fiance Visa

​The language barrier prevented me...

​from being able to fully explain how things work, what to expect, which documents to gather, and which information to be sure to know during the interview. The peace of mind and confidence Xiaoying gave to my fiancee is priceless. Zhe went into the visa interview, fully confident that she was ready. I could not be more pleased! Choosing Buda Law Group paid off for me, and I highly recommend them if you want the job done right.

Rodney Case & Zhe //  North Carolina

Chris & Louyi get China Fiance Visa

​John Buda, Randy, and Xiaoying are amazing!

​Louyi and I would have been lost without them! They were there any hour of the day. Having Xiaoying for Chinese support took all of the worries away. Louyi was informed and clear on everything needed. There were multiple required procedures before the interview. Xiaoying was on WeChat with her every step. Thank you, John, Randy, and Xiaoying!

​Chris Pelletier & Louyi  //  Connecticut

Randy & Zhen get China Fiance Visa

​John and his whole staff are excellent...

​With couples support, Randy and Xiaoying Marsh are patient, kind, and helped with all things along the way. My Zhen talked with Xiaoying often to help guide her in China, and Randy was always there for me. The Buda Law Group is top of the line! Thank you all for giving Zhen and me our lives together.

​Randy Evans & Zhen​ //  Ohio

Dan & Yan get China Marriage Visa

​The Buda Law Group made things much less stressful...

​going through the time to get a visa. With the diversity of the group, both parties were able to speak in English and Chinese and break down the language barriers to accomplish tasks. A big thank you to all the helpful people at the Buda Law Group, and we would highly recommend them to anyone going through the visa process.

Dan Mudrovich & Yan  //  California

​First Contact With Visa Applicants

To get rolling, Xiaoying makes contact with your visa applicant in China. She explains who she is, what we do, how the process works, where to get acceptable legal documents, and how to get in touch on WeChat. She helps with answering questions for USCIS forms, and the visa application for consulate processing. We get everything upfront giving us a clear picture of what is needed moving forward. Visa applicants in China are relieved, thrilled, and happy after talking to Xiaoying.

Information and Document Collection

We use online questionnaires written in Chinese so that visa applicants can submit answers for I-130 or I-129F forms quickly. We professionally translate the answers to English. We collect and review supporting documents from China to ensure their acceptance by USCIS. From there, everything gets organized in your secure file.

Easy and Worry-Free for the U.S. Petitioner

Working with both the petitioner and beneficiary at the same time speeds things up. Information and document collection from the visa applicant in China lifts a heavy burden off the petitioner. And for the Chinese beneficiary, having someone to explain everything builds confidence and melts away fear.

As the petitioner, we collect your answers, documents, evidence, and everything else needed to support your petition. We make collecting information from you just as easy. With the click of a button your answers are submitted to us. From the information you provide we send you a list of documents and evidence that can be sent via email attachment direct to your file. How's that for fast and easy?

​We do things other visa services can't. 

Andy & Enxiang get China Marriage Visa

​One of the first lawyers that I contacted...

​wanted $90.00 for twenty minutes of conversation. Another lawyer asked for two installments of $2200.00 to file the petition. Then I found China Marriage 101. First, I noticed a more reasonable price with three payments. What impressed me more than the price was Xiaoying. My Chinese wife, Enxiang, does not speak English, and I do not speak Chinese. I knew that I would find comfort knowing that Xiaoying could communicate with her. Please take my advice that you need not look any further for the help and guidance that you need.

Andy Watt & Enxiang  //  New York

​After bouncing through pages of lawyers and visa services...

​promising to be able to stream through the process for anyone anywhere, none of them had what Buda Law Group had. An abundance of experience! They provided us exceptional service. They are friendly and answered all our questions. With Xiaoying able to bridge the language barrier, there is not a better service anywhere else!

Walter Clark & Mandy  //  New Jersey

Albert & Jan get China Marriage Visa

​I met a beautiful Chinese girl, and marriage was the next step...

​I looked online and did a lot of searching, the paperwork, the cost, and who to ask for help. The Buda Law team made it all easy and was always just a chat or email away. Jan was able to keep in contact with Xiaoying on a 24 hr 7 days a week basis. Right now, Jan and I are sitting back in Arizona drinking ice tea, watching the red sky as the sun is slowly setting behind the mountains. A big thank you to Buda Law Group for making a dream come true.

Albert Wolfe & Jan  //  Arizona

​Marriage and Fiance Visa Interviews are Conducted in Guangzhou

The U.S. consulate in China does not allow the petitioner to attend CR-1 or K1 visa interviews. If you go, you can wait in the lobby. Only visa applicants are allowed into the secured area. At the visa interview, Chinese beneficiaries must bring their original Chinese documents that were submitted to USCIS and the NVC. Also, the petitioners signed I-864 or I-134 Affidavit of Support with financial proof, including evidence of an ongoing relationship. Visa applicants must prepare to answer questions about the petitioner and the timeline of their relationship.

​With a successful CR1 or K1 visa interview, the consulate will keep the applicant's passport and send it to the document pick-up location with the visa in 7 to 10 days.

Eddie & Xiaoli get Marriage Visa

​Hi Randy! We passed the interview...

​Well, Xiaoli did with coaching from Xiaoying. Thank you again for all your attentive organization and lead. Making it through is one thing, but making it through it with a pleasant experience is another. And that's what you did for us. You made it an enjoyable experience.

Eddie Moy & Xiaoli  //  California

Yuan & Lin get Fiance Visa

​Lin just received her passport back today...

​along with her fiance visa. With Buda Law Group by our side, it was, fortunately, a breeze. They are professional in that they know what they are doing. They are also personal in that they are always there to support us and willing to help. Thank you, John, Randy, and Xiaoying!

Yuan Tiauriman & Lin  //  California

Guangzhou Accommodations For Visa Interviews

Years ago, we were introduced to hotel owners Mr. and Mrs. Yang. They own a hotel within walking distance of the U.S. consulate. And for many years we have recommended their accommodations. We get no financial benefit for the recommendation, but they welcome and provide a service beneficial to our clients.

For over 25 years, they've catered to U.S. consulate visa applicants. They provide transportation to and from the medical exam before the interview. They help take away worries by explaining what to expect at the meeting and a final check of CR1 or K1 supporting materials. In an emergency, we can email or fax to Mr. Yang. This service is at no extra cost. His pricing is compatible with other hotels in the area.

​The hotel owners proved to be quite helpful...

​I highly recommend John, Randy, and Xiaoying at the Buda Law Group. They assisted my Chinese wife and me through the CR-1 visa process. They had also recommended a hotel near the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou, whose owner proved to be quite helpful as well. I felt like I had hired a team of four specialists.

Jeff Apel & Liya  //  Washington

A Complete China Marriage and Fiance Visa Service

As you can see, we're able to do more than a standard visa service or law firm. Better yet, even though we do more work, we keep our fee affordable by working efficiently and not paying for advertising. With three installment payments, petitioners with a spouse or fiance from China, we deliver peace of mind.

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​​We're ready to answer any questions. There's no pressure. We do not save your email address or send anything. Randy can tell you about our service or connect you with attorney Buda for legal answers. We can also connect with and answer questions from your loved one in China. Just let Randy know.

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