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Randy and Xiaoying Marsh

China Marriage 101 Community

A few years ago, Xiaoying and began helping other couples via email. We soon realized after answering the same questions, it would be more efficient to provide a platform for couples to get help. So in March of 2010, we launched our private network, China Marriage 101 Community.

With petitioners from every corner of the United States, our private site is no cheesy forum. Many have made use of it's features by sharing couples photos and writing blog post about their adventures in China. And, that's just the social part.

China Marriage 101 Community provides step-by-step instructions to successfully bring your spouse or fiancee to the United States.

Xiaoying and I understand better than any, the process can be daunting. However, with community support you can follow repeatable steps to successfully bring your loved one to the United States.

So how do you get started?

8 Step-By-Step Fiance and Marriage Visa Training Modules

Module #1: How to Obtain Travel Documents

For many, this is the starting point. Some may need a U.S. passport, China visa, or for those getting married, the Affidavit of Single. This module provides steps, applications, and instructions.

Module #2: How to Register for Marriage in China

If your planning to get married in China, this module is for you. You'll know where to go, and what to do. Documents provided to couples after marriage in China are not accepted by USCIS. But, you'll come back with what USCIS needs.

Module #3: How To Get Supporting Information

This module is used by both Fiance and Marriage petitioners. In it, you'll find a list of legal documents, their description, and how to check them for acceptance. In addition, you'll have a checklist for supporting evidence that supplements the petition.

Modules 4 and 5 - Fiance Visa Petitioners

Module #4: Filing The I-129F Fiance Petition

Module #4 will assist in assembling a professional and complete petition package. Also, Fiance petitions require a signed letter of intent to marry from both the sponsor and applicant.  This module provides a good sample letter to guide you in writing yours.

Module #5: Consulate Processing After I-129F Approval

After approval, a case number is assigned. You'll need it to access  the DS-160 Visa Application and to complete the other steps. The DS-160 drills deep with questions. Module 5 provides 45 questions your fiancee should answer before registering online.

Module 6 and 7 - Marriage Visa Petitioners

Module #6: Filing The I-130 Marriage Petition

Module #6 will assist in assembling a professional and complete petition package for your spouse and any qualifying stepchild.

Module #7: NVC Processing After I-130 USCIS Approval​

Module #7 provides a sample email request for NVC to switch from mail to the much quicker way of (Electronic Processing). For petitioners to submit forms, applications, and pay fees, they must also complete the Choice of Address and Agent, letting NVC know who will receive communications and submit information. Module 7 walks petitioners through the complete NVC process.

Module #8 - Interview Checklist and Questions

Module #8: Prepare For The Interview

This module is a complete review of documents, as well as evidence that needs to be presented. It provides 132 possible interview questions, the results of a 7 year case study of questions asked by officers. All questions are written in English and Chinese so couples can review together. Applicants that are well prepared make the job of consular officers more a formality than that of a fact finding - truth finding mission.

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Save Time Having The Tools and Support In Place To Succeed

Imagine how good you'll feel knowing your ready for all three phases of government processing. USCIS, The National Visa Center (NVC), and the U.S. Consulate in China. No wasting time with documents and evidence that need to be presented. You'll know how to prepare your Chinese loved one for registering for visa applications, document pick-up, and preparing for the interview and medical exam.

Xiaoying and I love helping U.S./Chinese couples. We've been doing so since 2008. When we were ask to assist a law firm that specializes in China Marriage and Fiance visas, it was a pleasure to do work we're passionate about. Our skills come from years of experience, not something you can study or read from a book. Our training modules follow the same procedures we use day in and day out.

​When you join China Marriage 101 Community, you have a ready-made circle of friends who have walked in your shoes, and are ready to lend a listening ear. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to when your doing this work yourself.

​With our sign up fee less then cost, we want our training and community support to be available to anyone who needs it. What we ask in return is that you help others by sharing your knowledge and experience. In other words, give back to others the help and support you receive... without sharing, there is no community.

​One Time Registration Fee: $49

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