China Certified Documents for Marriage and Fiance Visas

2017 Revised Edition

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Marriage and Fiance Visa Support

China Certified Documents and Supporting Information gives a comprehensive overview of Chinese legal documents, supporting information, and helps petitioners support their Chinese spouse or fiance.

​Discover how to check documents to know if they will be accepted by USCIS. This FREE report covers all topics of marriage and fiance visa supporting information.

  • Household Registration Books
  • Marriage and Divorce Booklets
  • The Chinese Civil Affairs Office
  • Proof of Child Custody
  • Photo Requirements for Petition, Medical Exam, and Consulate Interview
  • Biographic Information
  • Letters of Intent to Marry
  • Department of State Marriage and Fiance Visa Applications
  • Relationship Evidence

and much more...

​Includes, the next steps your spouse or fiance must take after you submit the petition.

​Covers online visa applications and consulate processing steps. Preview the introduction below:

Child Custody


U.S. Citizens and Immigration Service says: “The first step in bringing your foreign spouse or fiance to the United States is to file a petition.” Truth is, the first step is obtaining Chinese certified documents and information to support the petition.

Certified documents accepted by USCIS are not in the possession of Chinese citizens. They must be requested and produced by local government jurisdictions.

However, there is also a larger unforeseen step that awaits. That is, the information and procedures needed with the Department of State and the U.S. Consulate after the petition is filed with USCIS. 

Your Chinese spouse or fiance will need to answer questions for Department of State online visa applications. They need to understand how to register for document pick-up location. Send materials to the consulate via a local bank in China. Get a medical exam at an approved location. And, how to prepare documents and evidence for the visa interview.

Yes, much of the heavy lifting for marriage and fiance visas has been put on the Chinese spouse/fiance. Understanding the steps that need to be taken will help you support your Chinese loved one. 

When preparing cases, Chinese applicants for a marriage or fiance visa often answer questions for forms incompletely. We know this from experience. In addition, few will have knowledge of the types of certified documents needed, or the offices where they must be obtained. 

China Certified Documents and Supporting Information give a comprehensive overview of Chinese legal documents, supporting information, and helps petitioners support their Chinese spouse or fiance.

You'll learn where and how to obtain documents in China. How to spot documents that are legal in China but can't be used, copied or translated for U.S. immigration. Plus, you'll learn the next steps after filing with USCIS.

As you read this report you will also soon discover how to deal with issues of Child Custody, Quit Communist Party, Letters of Intent, and USCIS Request For Evidence if you met your loved one on a Dating Website. 

This report provides much needed information to U.S./Chinese couples seeking a marriage or fiance visa. May your journey be without delay.

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