Couples Support Since 2008

Hello, I'm Xiaoying

Since 2008 I've helped visa applicants obtain Chinese legal documents, translate information for forms, and prep them for interviews. I also help them register with the consulate for interview dates and document pick-up.

I use WeChat and QQ International for free 2-way communications with Chinese applicants, while my husband Randy supports the U.S. petitioner via email.

Xiaoying Marsh - U.S./Chinese Couples Support at Buda Law Group

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  Rodney Case & Zhe Fiance Visa - NC

 Xiaoying is great! Without her, I think Zhe would have been a frazzled bunch of nerves. The language barrier would have prevented me from being able to fully explain what was happening, what to expect, which documents to gather and which information to be sure to know during the interview. The peace of mind and confidence Xiaoying gave to my fiancee is priceless. Zhe went into the visa interview fully confident that she was ready. I could not be more pleased!

 Chris Pelletier & Louyi Marriage Visa - CT

John Buda, Randy and Xiaoying are amazing! Louyi and I would have been lost without them! They were there any hour of the day for us. Having Xiaoying for Chinese support took all of the worries away. Louyi was informed and clear on everything that was needed on her end of the visa process. There are multiple procedures that needed to be completed by Louyi. Xiaoying was on the phone with her every step of the way. Thank you John, Randy, and Xiaoying!

China Spouse - Fiance Petitions 101

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  • Welcome – Introduction
  • Q&A Review | China Certified For USCIS Petitions
  • 36 Questions For Marriage Visa Applicants - PDF
  • What To Include In Letters of Intent To Marry - Template
  • Reasons Why Many Applicants Will Fail The Interview
  • How to Present Relationship Evidence
  • Questions To Ask Before Hiring Any Legal Service
  • Age-Out On Children – Different Ages For Different Petitions
  • The Dangers of Tourist Visas For Marriage In The U.S.
  • NVC Electronic Processing For Marriage Petitions
  • Consulate Processing For Fiance Visa Applicants
  • How To Establish Proof of Financial Support
  • Direct Consular Filing - The Fast Track To Marriage Visas
  • Closures of K-3 Marriage Visa
  • What You Need For Marriage in China
  • U.S. and China Government Fees
  • 45 Questions For Chinese Fiance Visa Applicants
  • Still - Mistakes and Delays With The National Visa Center (A Heads Up Notice To Marriage Petitioners)
  • How to Save WeChat Messages for Evidence
  • Interview Prep

Every week 100's of applicants walk through the doors of the U.S. Consulate seeking a marriage or fiance visa. Over half walk out empty handed. Don't be a statistic... Be informed!

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